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End of summer trip

We are on the road now, on vacation with bear before he has to go back to school. This is probably our last beach trip of the summer/year, we are currently in the outer banks of North Carolina. NC isn’t that far from where we live now, only a 7ish hour drive, there is only really one quick way of getting down here and that is 95 which was, of course, a mess and it took us much longer to get here than we had planned on but we made it. We are currently in a cabin on Cape Lookout, which is beautiful, and pretty empty, probably cause the only way to get here is by ferry. The cabins aren’t fancy by any means but they have all the basic, and important, amenities (bathroom with shower, kitchen, and some beds) oh and a nice little porch overlooking the ocean. So far the weather has been really great and we have been able to spend our time out on the beach. Some of my goals for this trip are to do yoga every morning,  spend more time reading, and also writing (here). So far so good on all of them! 

Coming down here we didn’t have any eclipse glasses, we were a little too late to the game to order them. But to our surprise and luck when we got down here and checked into our cabin the park ranger had two left, and we were also lucky enough to have a great day for viewing it!

We still have a few more days here till we start making our way back north, we might try to hit a campground in the mountains before the end of this, but Labor Day weekend I think we will spend it at Dolly Sods doing some tent/hammock camping. 

Spending more time outside.

We love spending time outside, we just don’t get to do much of it these days with the long commutes and work (ugh). We came across and article about camping in the middle of the week, (can’t find the article right now) but we thought this might be a great way to spend more time outdoor. Well we kinda started this week, our goal is to do it once a week if possible. We camped out Sunday night (not technically the middle of the week) but we had to be into work the next morning so it kinda was. We found a place that could about an hour from the city, which was perfect. It ended up being a pretty great evening (though I didn’t sleep real great), it was a nice way to start a Monday, waking up in the woods. I need to do some research on our next spot for this week. 

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