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Looking forward to a great 2018, more photos and more adventures!

2018 Photography Goals 

Gonna try to post more in the journal and on my photos page.

I am also hoping to get a shop page up to sell some of my prints, I found a good local photo lab, and recently got some of my photos printed and I was very happy with that (so keep an eye out for that page).

I am hoping to shoot with more people, I would love to find some local people in Baltimore, if you are interested email me ([email protected]).

2018 Trips

We really haven’t had any trips yet in 2018 but we are going skiing in West Virginia this coming weekend so there will be some new photos up from that. We also have a trip planned out west in March which is going to be a lot of fun too, its been a while since I have been out there. Might have another big one late in 2018 but not sure yet. We will also be doing a lot of camping trips!

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