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C&O Campout

Been here a few times, it’s a nice little spot with fire pits and grills right next to the river. We always hear owls which is really cool. This trip we ended up getting g stuck with some teenagers camping near us and they were up all night, it was a little annoying, but we still managed to have a pretty ok time.

Looking for models

I am currently looking to expand my portfolio and I am looking for some people to shoot with. I am looking to shoot some of the following things:

  • Nature
  • Abandoned or rundown houses
  • Portraits

If you want to collaborate on some stuff let me know!

[email protected]

Really slacking on the posts..

i have not been keeping up on this site, its really hard to find the time to sit down and write, probably because i never do it and it just takes a good chunk of time. i spend most of my time on IG (https://instagram.com/tmbrg.photo) these days, you should follow if you don’t already. life has been busy for sure, as it always is and a good chunk of that is just work, but things have slowed down for me this last week or two which has been good. really the only big thing going on is that we are about to head out west for a week. we are taking bear to see the grand canyon for spring break, he has always want to go, and we are going to hit all the other parks around the area too. its going to be fun for sure, also tiring, there is going to be a lot of driving. i am going to try to post photos as a can, again probably on IG first so make sure you are following me! here are a few recent photos i have taken. would love to hear from you (either comments below or email: [email protected]).

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